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6 Things Every Woman Should Do To Maintain Vaginal Health!

by Pragati Singh

The fundamentals of vaginal care!

THE ESSENTIALS OF VAGINA CARE: We, the women, have read a lot about how to maintain the health of our vaginal organs. Some of those suggestions must have proven to be beneficial, while others must have gotten us into difficulty or were simply difficult to implement. So, to make things easier for you, we’ll go through the essentials of preserving vaginal health.

​​Why is it important?

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Maintaining vaginal health is not complicated but the benefits it provides are uncountable. A healthy vagina gives your sex life a boost, keeps you happy down there, lowers your chances of infections and helps you spot cervical cancer early.

As you must be shaking your head, read on to know the six basic things that a woman must do to keep her vagina happy and healthy no matter how old she is.

​Get yourself tested

GET YOURSELF TESTED: American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (AGOG) recommends annual pelvic examination to all women above the age of 21. A regular visit to your doctor is important to know if you have any hormonal imbalances. Regular mammograms are also as important as pelvic tests are.

​Basics to take care of your vagina!

BASICS TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR VAGINA: We, the women, have read a lot about how to keep our vaginas healthy. Some of those tips must have definitely helped us but some must have us landed in trouble or were simply not easy to follow. So, making it simple for you, here we take you back to basics of maintaining vaginal health.

​Prevent yourself from infections

PREVENT YOURSELF FROM INFECTIONS: When we talk about vaginal infections, what comes to our mind is yeast and fungal infections. And three out of every four women get either of these infections at some point in their lives says, Clinical Microbiology Reviews report. But there is another infection which occurs and is called bacterial vaginosis. It is marked by greyish and yellow discharge with a fishy smell. This infection affects around 3 million women every year. It is more common in pre-menopausal women.

​Practice a few key healthy habits to keep infections at bay


– Wear cotton underwear so that your vagina can breathe. Change your underwear after every workout.

– Do not forgot to take probiotic supplements if you are taking antibiotics.

– Bathe your vagina with a mild soap which is free from added colours and fragrance as these two can irritate your vagina.

​Know about UTIs

KNOW ABOUT UTIs: UTIs are more common in women who are sexually active and those who use birth control methods like spermicidal agents and diaphragms. The spermicidal agent can change the pH level of the vagina and diaphragm can trap bacteria.

​Steps to prevent UTIs


– Stay hydrated and do not forget to pee before and after sex.

– Wipe from front to back to keep the bacteria at bay.

– Wear cotton underwear so that your vagina can breathe.

​Do Kegel exercises

DO KEGEL EXERCISES: Kegel exercises strengthen your pelvic muscles (these muscles hold your uterus and bladder). Strong pelvic muscles help to ward off urine leakage and frequent urge to urinate.


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