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Doctor got tricked of 1.16 crore in return of admission of his son

by Pragati Singh

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) has nabbed five members of a group that scammed a doctor from Kalaburagi out of Rs.116 crore.
Nagaraj Siddanna Boruti, 36, Mallikarjuna Vali, 38, Madhushekhar, 28, Hameed, 31, and Basavaraj, 35 have been detained.

Nagaraj, the scam’s mastermind, was known to the victim, a doctor from Kalaburagi. According to the police, Nagaraj promised to get admission for the doctor’s kid at M.S. Ramaiah Medical College in Bengaluru for a price of Rs. 1.75 lakh.

Later, the doctor paid Nagaraj 60 lakh for what he said was a capitation fee and a bribe. However, when the doctor’s son arrived at college, he realised he had not been admitted and went home.

The doctor followed up with Nagaraj and asked that he return the money, then flew to the city to collect it. According to the authorities, Nagaraj placed him at a lodge in the Majestic area and told him he would return with the money.

However, a woman knocked on the door and entered as the doctor opened it. According to the police, some officers barged into the room, took their pictures, plundered him of belongings, and took the lady away, requesting the doctor to call them.

According to the authorities, Nagaraj arrived at the lodge hours later and threatened the doctor with a police complaint for prostitution if he did not pay up 50 lakh.

According to the authorities, when the doctor stated that he did not have so much money in cash, Nagaraj dispatched his men to the doctor’s native village to obtain property paperwork from family members.

The gang eventually pledged the property papers to a cooperative bank and obtained a 50 lakh loan.

The police investigation has now shown that Nagaraj had his colleagues masquerade as police officers in order to carry out the raid on the resort. The police have now seized 25 grammes of gold jewellery, Rs. 26 lakh in cash, and a set of walkie-talkies used to impersonate cops.

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