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Best way to Cleanse your system after New Year party!

by Pragati Singh

Today marks the formal start of the new year and the end of 2022. While the 365 days of 2023 will present us with a variety of options, some of us must feel renewed and refreshed, while others may still be feeling a little bloated from all the food, alcohol, and partying that took place on New Year’s eve.

This time of year, party fun and revelry are unmissable, as are the accompanying exhaustion and confusion. When the music stops and the lights go out, our body needs a classic detox session to unwind and return to a healthier condition. Take heart.

Here are 5 foods you may eat to detox your body after a wild night out:

WATER: If you’ve been drinking while having a good time, you’ll eventually become dehydrated. Here, water saves the day. Additionally, it will help with the digestion of all the junk food that is consumed there.

BACTERIAL DRINK: Probiotic beverages aid in the body’s detoxification of harmful substances and provide relief from hangovers, bloating, and digestion-related issues.

SUNFLOWER WATER: Coconut water, which contains electrolytes, aids in locking in the body’s water levels and relaxing the body in addition to aiding in rehydration and digestion.

EGGS: Even if you might not want to eat right away after a party, having some eggs after getting adequate rest and allowing your body to naturally produce an appetite would be incredibly healthy for your body because they support blood sugar levels.

GRAPE TEA: Ginger tea, whether with or without honey, provides immediate relief from bloating and weight gain brought on by a long night out. Ginger also lessens headaches or gastrointestinal irritation brought on by alcohol or fast food.

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