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Pedicure: Things to think about before your next session

by Pragati Singh

Pampering oneself on a regular basis is essential for remaining healthy, happy, and relaxed. Just like you must take care of your face, hair, and nutrition, you must also take care of your feet and cherish them. So, what could be better than a soothing pedicure every two or three weeks to not only make your feet seem healthy and clean, but also to ward against tiredness? A pedicure is a therapeutic foot treatment that eliminates dead skin, softens hard skin, forms, and cures toenails. Consider it a pedicure for your feet! A nice foot treatment is bliss, but pedicure procedures vary from type of polish to massage, so finding the correct pedicure for you is critical.

Here are some helpful hints to remember before Pedicure:

*Never trim your nails too short or in a curved pattern. “This might result in ingrown nails, which is a very painful ailment.” Instead, cut them straight and file them.”

*Always avoid cutting your cuticles. Instead, she suggested using a cuticle pusher to push them back. “Make applying cuticle oil a regular habit.” If you don’t have anything fancy on hand, simply use castor oil. It is similarly effective,” stating that the cuticle is our first line of defence against nail infections.

*Always use a base coat, according to the expert. “Do not apply nail polish straight to your nails.” This might result in permanent nail discoloration.”

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*Finally, avoid having your pedicurist cure your corns and calluses. “That might be a wart that has to be removed by a professional.” It is critical to identify the root problem and treat it properly.”

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