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Scalp exfoliation!

by Pragati Singh

Have you come across the term “scalp exfoliation”? Yes, the latest craze is skinification of the scalp and hair. Scalp exfoliation is one of the skincare ideas that has certain advantages. Sareena Acharya, creative Head – Hair specialist at Enrich Salon, talks a few of the benefits of scalp exfoliation. Also see: Haircare Tips: 10 Ways to Protect Curly Hair During the Seasonal Transition

  • Exfoliation of the scalp has a number of advantages.
    Encourages hair growth: Exfoliation cleans and purifies the scalp by eliminating dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum buildup, whereas washing eliminates surface filth. Exfoliating your scalp on a daily basis promotes a healthy environment for your hair to grow in. It also improves blood circulation in the scalp, allowing hair to grow more quickly.
  • Flakes and dryness are avoided: Two of the most common scalp issues are dandruff and flakes. It’s an indicator of a dry or irritated scalp. Exfoliating on a regular basis can help with this. Exfoliating your scalp promotes the production of natural oils, keeping it healthy and preventing flakes.
  • Makes hair more lustrous and healthy: Scalp exfoliation helps to cleanse the follicles from which hair grows. This guarantees that the new hair growth is robust, lustrous, and healthy.
  • Remove product build-up: Our hair is subjected to a variety of treatments, including shampooing, conditioning, hair masks, hairdryer, dry shampoo, colouring, setting spray, and so on. We have a tendency to imagine that simply washing our hair will remove all of the products that have accumulated on our scalp. That is not the case. You may notice that the irritation on your scalp returns after washing your hair. That’s why we require exfoliation to get rid of all the gunk and leave it feeling fresh and purified.’
  • Maintains the pH of the skin to prevent infection: Our faces have a protective barrier that helps us fight free radicals and maintain the pH of the skin to prevent infection. Similarly, our scalp possesses a protective layer that fights free radicals and keeps the pH of the scalp at a healthy level to prevent infection. When products build up on our scalp, it often results in a damaged protective barrier and a pH imbalance. This encourages bacterial growth, which results in an itchy, greasy scalp. To avoid this, we must exfoliate the scalp, which aids in the maintenance of our scalp’s pH.


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