Vaccination is key to control Covid -19; India Cuts Back on Vaccine Exports


There is sharp increase in the corona cases in India. Only way to prevent the disease so far is social norms and vaccine. Unfortunately there has been laxity in social behavior and Indian vaccine drive has been sluggish. We have vaccinated so far less than 4 percent of our more than billion people, far behind the rates of the United States, Britain and most European countries.
Where ever vaccination have been actively pursued there is definitely decline in number of cases. US has vaccinated a quarter of its population – 82.8 million people out of a population of 330 million and average daily cases have dropped from over 250,000 in January to around 55,000 in the last week. The United Kingdom, meanwhile, has vaccinated 41% of its population and cases have dropped from nearly 60,000 new infections a day in January to less than 5000. At the opposite end of this spectrum is Brazil where a slow inoculation drive has failed to arrest rising cases. The South American nation, which has inoculated only 5% of its population till Tuesday, is now the world’s largest Covid hot spot and is reporting a record 75,000 new cases every’s very clear that the mass vaccination has helped the US and UK. Israel is another country that has shifted its curve using vaccines.
In India vaccinations rolled out with two vaccines – Covishield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin — on January 16 with healthcare workers being the priority group. As per available data only around 5.0 crore people have received one dose of the Covid vaccine and 80 lakh have received the second dose.
Government target was administering 5 million doses a day,the highest achieved on a single day so far is 3.4 million. With this slow pace we have administered only around 8.5% of its target of 600 million doses (to cover 300 million people) by the end of July.
So far rate of immunisation was only half of what was expected per session mainly  because of vaccine hesitancy. Nearly 20 lakh vaccine going waste because of that.
Vaccination in the present scenario is critical to break the chain of transmission. Let’s take the jab at our nearest centre when ever our turns come. Do not let this opportunity go as many other countries are in waiting list to get the vaccination from India.

Face coverings (nose &mouth) are part of new normal.Keep safe distance,wash your hands frequently

  • Do not give importance to rumors about efficacy of corona vaccine .
    As our turn comes we should take the vaccine and motivate others for the same

Dr Narendra Saini
Chairman Scientific
committee DMC
Chairman AMR committee IMA Hq
Past Sec Gen IMA
Director SAINI DIAGNOSTICS ICMR approved lab for RTPCR testing

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