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“Precaution Dose at Doorsteps for Senior Stars”

by Vaishali Sharma

“As we all know that Omicron cases are rising day by day and when these Covid cases increase, we shift all our focus on Covid and its related concerns. In the last two waves, we already saw people avoiding their regular health checkup and ignoring their health problems. But we must understand that we need to monitor our health constantly, so that the risk of additional health concerns can be avoided. We must select the preventive course of action. For this, we need to keep a regular check on our overall health and must undergo some important diagnosis. Through timely diagnosis, we can not only detect the problem at early stage and get the right treatment, but also prevent the risk of complications,” Sameer Bhati, Director of Star Imaging and Path Lab said.

Watch: Sameer Bhati on Omicron

The Central Government, in view of these rising cases,  approved precaution doses for some section of the population along with the citizens above 60 years with comorbidities, administration for which started on Monday.

Hence, supporting the Har Ghar Dastak Campaign and immunising elderly with the precaution dose, Star Imaging and Path Lab initiated administration of precaution doses to the high risk senior citizens through a dedicated Covid Vaccination van.

The van will reach homes of the elderly in remotest areas and administer the jabs.

Highlights of the “Seniors’ Precaution Vaccine Van”:

– Get Hassle-free Precaution Dose safely for eligible Senior Citizens at home.

– With Ease of Booking by Call, no worries of travel or Omicron exposure risks.

– Free Health check-up Vouchers for Vaccinated Senior Stars
– Equipped with all the necessary requirements for Covid Vaccination.

– Skilled Nursing Staff for administering the Covid Vaccine.

– Star Safety Officer to manage any kinds of Emergency* or unfavourable situation.Strict Adherence to the Covid Protocols.

– Timely Covid & Temperature Testing of All the Staff.

– Sanitisation of the Van & Equipments before & after every visit.

– pre-vaccination & post vaccination health analysis.

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