Life in-between death; new born twins bring ray of hope

Jammu 19 April 2021: New variant of Coronavirus has taken many lives and deaths have become new normal in the country with this deadly disease taking life every minute, But the story from Jammu and Kashmir tells otherwise. It shows the victory of life or death and a ray of hope for humanity. 27 year old Heena Devi who was admitted in SMGS hospital for delivery was tested COVID-19 positive and soon after that she was shifted to this Temporary COVID-19 facility that has been setup by Heath Department and a team of doctors with all necessary gears carried out her surgery and she delivered twin baby girls who are all fit and are now being kept under observation at Nursery ward of this facilityThis was the first surgery performed by the doctors of a COVID-19 positive patient in Jammu since outbreak of this deadly virus. This facility in the Gandhinagar hospital of Jammu was set up last year but was restricted only for the treatment of COVID-19 positive patients. The administration in Jammu and Kashmir utilised the time they got after cases started dipping in month of October and thereafter till the resurgence of this virus. The facilities were wrapped up to the next level so that surgeries of the infected patients can also be performed without any hiccups.Dr. Arun Sharma, Medical Superintendent of this facility set up by Jammu and Kashmir government said That this is a big achievement for our community as it reflects that medical will win over this deadly pandemic no matter how dark the clouds are. Dr Sharma credits his team for this new achievement and was happy to share that the duo born were tested negative. This comes at a time when Jammu and Kashmir is continuously witnessing spike in coronavirus cases and active cases have surpassed 12,000 mark. Even today Jammu and Kashmir witnessed more than 1500 cases for the second consecutive day and the death toll has touched the 2063 mark with six casualties reported today. While on the other hand the Jammu and Kashmir health department has also geared up as they fear the upcoming situation as more challenging than ever. All the private oxygen generation players have been asked to divert their resources to the government institutions so as to ensure their proper supply and keep a check on the black marketing that has been reported from various parts of the country.However the Jammu and Kashmir government is yet to utter a single word on the imposition of more strict restrictions in the union territory but sources claim that soon after the Navratras some more strict mayors are likely to be announced to curb the ongoing pandemic.

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