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JKCA arranges trials to encourage cricket in Kashmir Valley

by Vaishali Sharma

After COVID-19, the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association will hold special trials to promote the sport in the valley.

The trials are available to all age groups, including senior citizens. The players have responded tremendously to this effort, and they are going to these trials with vim and excitement, especially after the COVID-19 epidemic, which restricted these players to their homes owing to the extremely infectious nature of the disease. But now that everything has returned to normal, the trials have begun. This comes amid the Indian Premier League, in which Union Territory players like Umran Malik and Abdul Samad have had opportunities to demonstrate their abilities.

The players’ morale is quite strong, and they hope that more young people from the valley will get the chance to participate in the IPL and demonstrate their abilities at the national and international levels as well. A large number of young players from far-flung locations are taking part in the tryouts at the Sher-e-Kashmir Stadium under the supervision of expert coaches, trainers, and selectors.

The management is doing everything possible to recruit dynamic players and provide them with all of the resources necessary to revitalise and promote cricket on a broad scale.

Sameer Ahmad, a player, said, “A trial was started last year too.” There are a lot of talented players in Kashmir. There are many players who did not get a chance before but are now getting chances. When players get chances, only then can we find out how good they are. A lot of players do not progress because of a lack of chances.

Sheikh Usad, another player, stated, “It’s a fantastic concept.” Cricket has gained popularity as a result of the IPL. Parents want their children to participate, and it will spotlight local talent that will be developed. There are other trials in other districts. There will be senior trials first, followed by a shortlisting of players. Then they will play matches and be shortlisted again; Jammu players will also go through trials and be shortlisted; matches will be played and players will be shortlisted; and lastly, the Ranji team will be formed.

Kashmir Cricket’s Administrative Head, Sheikh Majid, stated, “Cricket and the IPL have become highly commercialised.” That is why so many people wish to pursue it as a career.

This talent hunt is taking place in both Kashmir Valley and Jammu at the same time; we started with women’s and men’s U-19, then moved on to U-23 categories, and are currently holding seniors’ trials. Now, 90 lads will be chosen from the valley. Following the completion of matches, selected players will be shortlisted and placed in camps. It’s all dependent on performance. “

Majid went on to say that when state players become stars, they serve as a major source of encouragement and motivation for the next generation.

“Umran Malik is a big influence for young people.” “There is no substitute for hard effort,” he continued.

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