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Cases increasing as people not following COVID-19 guidelines: Health expert

by Pragati Singh

As India experiences an increase in COVID-19 cases, Dr SP Byotra, Vice Chairman of Sir Gangaram Hospital, stated that some patients have “long COVID” and that only time would tell how long their symptoms such as respiratory issues, weariness, exhaustion, and cardiac problems will last. “COVID-19 instances are increasing because individuals are not following COVID-19 suitable behaviour,” Dr. Byotra noted. People are seeing that COVID-19 instances are increasing at all hours of the day and night.”

“We have some people who have lengthy COVID,” he added. They still have respiratory issues, fatigue, weariness, and cardiac difficulties, and only time can tell how long their problems will last.”

“There are other reasons for the increase, including not wearing masks, attending parties, and travelling to market locations without masks. Nobody is adhering to social separation. People are travelling and returning with COVID-19,” he mentioned.

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“One positive development is that more than 95 percent of individuals in our country have received COVID-19 immunisation. Those who have not had a vaccination, on the other hand, are at high risk, and persons with comorbidities, such as diabetes, cancer, liver, heart failure, or a liver transplant, are being hospitalised. They are more likely to become infected,” he stated.

Covid symptoms

According to Dr. Byotra, the majority of cases have modest symptoms, however patients with comorbidities require hospitalisation. “Most of the time, we advise COVID-19 patients online and give drugs. When they exhibit symptoms like as coughing or fever, we do an RTPCR. However, if a patient has comorbidities, hospitalisation may be required.”

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