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Covid vaccines offer limited protection, ‘if any’: Pfizer CEO

by Vaishali Sharma

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla claimed in an interview with CNBC that two doses of the vaccine provide minimal protection, if any, but three doses plus a booster provide reasonable protection against hospitalisation and mortality but less protection against infection. Bourla told CNBC confidentially that the vaccine against the Omicron version will be ready in March.

“I don’t know if we will need it. I don’t know if and how it will be used.” he said. “While the existing system of two vaccine shots and a booster has provided “reasonable” protection against Omicron, a vaccine focused directly on the Omicron variant would also guard against breakthrough infections of a strain that has proven highly contagious and has triggered many mild or asymptomatic cases”, CNBC quoted Bourla as saying.

It’s worth noting that Bourla once stated that two doses of the mRNA vaccine were 100 percent effective in preventing the illness. Bourla sought to rewrite the entire COVID narrative in a series of interviews, while also casting serious doubt on the efficiency of his current product line.

Dr. Bourla, recently told the BBC that getting vaccinated every year might provide a “very high degree of protection” against the fatal disease, which has claimed the lives of up to five million people worldwide.

According to Bourla, omicron is a more challenging target than prior variations. Omicron, which contains hundreds of mutations, is able to circumvent part of the protection offered by Pfizer’s original two doses.

According to statistics from the United Kingdom’s Health Security Agency, two vaccine doses are 52 percent effective at avoiding hospitalisation 25 weeks after having the second jab. The two doses of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines are only approximately 10% effective at preventing omicron infection 20 weeks after the second dose.

The overall efficacy against severe Covid is 80% with two doses of Covishield and 69% with two doses of Covaxin, which is much greater than the efficacy of Pfizer or Moderna. Because Covaxin is a ‘whole virion inactivated coronavirus,’ experts believe it might be extremely effective against the Omicron form (SARS-CoV-2). However, we will have to wait a little longer for real proof to back this up.

Several global health organizations consider the profits made by Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna from the epidemic to be unethical. Pfizer is expected to make at least $35 billion in Covid vaccine sales in 2021 and its stock price has risen as a result. Dr. Bourla has made no apologies about profiting, stating that “the bottom line is millions of lives were saved.”. “We have saved the world economy trillions of dollars,” he stated. It provides a tremendous incentive for innovation in the event of the next epidemic, “However, people will realise that there is a financial benefit if they stand up to the challenge and provide something that saves lives and saves money.”

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