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COVID Pandemic: A child perspective

by Dhwani Verma

In December 2019, news channels were flashing about the Covid – 19 outbreak in Wuhan, China. At that time it seemed that in an emergency, who knew that it would affect every person on this planet. Many suffered because of this pandemic, there were several deaths, and the rest were indirectly affected, economically, mentally and socially. Every public area was shut down, schools, colleges etc. We children were literally at home for the past two years. Before pandemic, screen exposure for long time was in discussion for children mental & physical health. Experts suggested limit the screen time for better development of children. During pandemic, online mode was the only way to continue study & source to interact with teachers & friends. I felt, there are more things which we learn by social interaction, were missed during this lockdown.

Eventually, we got along with this online system, because there were no other options. My parents were very apprehensive about my screen time, too much screen time hurts your eyes. As we weren’t allowed to go outside we didn’t have many physical activities. This is not good for the body. The things we were supposed to learn socially, we weren’t able to do because we couldn’t meet anyone.


Other than that I learned a lot about, how frontline workers handled the situation. Doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, police officers etc. Worked tirelessly around the clock, to serve the people who were in distress. My parents are doctors, and I saw them taking care of their patients as well as us. I also want to become a responsible citizen so that I can serve the people as well.

Now offline schools are back, we are attending school in a limited amount of hours and rotation, so slowly and steadily things are coming back to normal. The new normal is wearing proper masks, maintaining social distancing and washing hands regularly. With these three mantras, we can overcome this pandemic and live our normal lives.


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