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COVID-19 vaccines don’t cause monkeypox, shingles: Scientist

by Pragati Singh
booster vaccine

The rise in monkeypox cases has prompted a flurry of social media posts, with many saying that the chimpanzee adenovirus vector used in AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccination is to blame, and others stating that the infection is only shingles and a “well-known” adverse effect of the vaccine.

Both assertions, according to experts contacted by PTI, are untrue. They have sparked heated debate on Twitter, with many posts and hundreds of retweets. Adenoviruses are not linked to poxviruses, and shingles is not the same as monkeypox.

While the AstraZeneca vaccine does contain a chimp adenovirus vector, the virus has been modified to prevent it from growing in human cells. The vector’s job is to transport the vaccine component into human cells, but it does not cause infection, according to experts.

“While both adenovirus and monkeypox are DNA viruses, one cannot cause the other,” said Vineeta Bal from Pune’s Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research.

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