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Constant check on Covid-19 is needed as virus is mutating: Expert

by Pragati Singh

The Covid-19 surge has aroused worries since the coronavirus is “constantly changing,” and we cannot allow the infection run “unchecked,” according to Dr. Rajeev Jayadevan, Co-chairman of the National Indian Medical Association Covid-19 working team.

“Because the virus is continually changing, the Covid infection cannot go uncontrolled.” We can’t allow this illness go uncontrolled, but we don’t know if the virus will evolve further or if the core infection will change,” Dr Jayadevan told ANI on Tuesday. “There are questions if the previous Delta version might return,” he added, citing the Delta variety. Nobody can predict the future with certainty. As a result, we must use extreme caution.

When we claim that everything is OK, we mean it from one perspective: the number of persons dying per 1000 infections is lower. In other words, even if 1,000 infections occur, the number of deaths is fewer than it was two years ago. But it would be amazing if we could also avoid it.”

“During the second wave, a considerable number of people became infected, resulting in significant loss of output as people became ill.” The other issue that has arisen recently is reinfections,” Jayadevan explained.

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According to the NIA co-chairman, reinfection occurs when a person becomes infected again and again. Instead of being afflicted once a year, reinfection occurs when patients become ill in less than a month, he explained.

He went on to say, “Not everyone (may be impacted again), but it is definitely conceivable.” As a result, we must exercise additional vigilance and take some fundamental safeguards when we go out on a regular basis, which does not imply closing down the country. We must take some simple measures since the air includes viruses. We can’t simply close our eyes and declare, “No, it’s gone.” That is the incorrect method.”

“We need to keep on top of the genome sequencing, search for new variations when they appear, and if something new and odd happens, we must stay on top of it and upgrade our instructions,” he added, adding that the virus is “constantly attempting to outwit us.”

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