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Rise in COVID cases: Delhi doctor flags concern, says “booster dose must”

by Medically Speaking

In the midst of an increase in COVID-19 cases in the national capital, Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan (LNJP) Hospital MD Dr Suresh Kumar expressed worry and asked patients to take booster doses and follow COVID-19 procedures on Saturday.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Kumar said, “COVID cases are rising in Delhi, positivity rate has gone up along with hospitalisation. 51 COVID patients are admitted to LNJP, and 14-15 cases are coming every day. The increasing positivity is a matter of concern.” According to him, out of the total hospitalised patients, one patient is critical and is put on a ventilator while most of the patients are on oxygen.

“Death cases are very few. There have been no deaths due to COVID in LNJP in the last 24 hours. The requirement for a ventilator is also very less. But it is definitely a matter of concern whenever the positivity is more than 10 per cent,” he added.

“As far as implementing the Graded Response Action Plan is concerned, there is a positivity in it as well as hospitalization. As many as 500 beds are occupied per day in it. Positivity is definitely above 10, but hospitalization is very less. Only 4-4.5 per cent beds are occupied and 96 per cent of the beds are empty. A booster dose is a must for all,” he said.

The LNJP MD said that the cases are increasing because of the mutation of COVID and urged everyone to take precautionary vaccine doses.

“The cases are increasing because the mutation is very high in the coronavirus. Whenever a new COVID variant comes, the vaccinated population also have to overcome it. It also infects the antibodies. But most are mild infections and most patients do not need to be admitted to the hospital. Their oxygen level is not low. It is necessary to take a booster dose. Among the patients who are admitted now, there is a patient who has also taken a booster dose but still got COVID infection,” he said.

“In the new cases, there are also mutant cases of the virus. We are seeing cases of BA-4 and BA-5 and are also studying them. More than 100 samples are in the process of genome sequencing. Its report will come next week, then it will be known whether it is a new variant or not,” he added.

At present, 450 beds are reserved for COVID patients in LNJP. Most of the patients that are admitted to the hospital are comorbid. The patients who are put on ventilators have TB and pneumonia, informed the hospital.

Dr Kumar informed that the LNJP has three people of African origin admitted to the hospital with Monkeypox. “Three people of African origin still admitted to hospital. They’re recovering from fever and skin lesions. No suspect other than them found as yet. The person admitted in July has recovered completely and went back,” said Dr Suresh Kumar speaking on the Monkeypox cases in Delhi.

“People need to be alert, especially those people who are already suffering from serious diseases. Right now it is seen that people have become careless, and are not maintaining social distancing and other COVID norms. It is very important to use masks. Masks will not only protect against COVID but also from monkeypox, TB and pollution,” said the LNJP MD.


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