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FORDA writes to PM on creation of IMS cadre

by Vaishali Sharma
forda india

The Federation Of Resident Doctors’ Association (FORDA) India, has requested the Prime Minister of India to create a separate cadre of healthcare professionals in line with IAS, IPS, etc.

In a recent letter to the Prime Minister, FORDA stated, “Seeing the current national COVID scenario, it is worthy to mention that subject specialists with adequate practical knowledge of the health sector, could have handled the situation better. Doctors from various specialities could have devised further effective strategies for controlling the Epidemic. Unnecessary altercations of Doctors while discharging their duties, have also been observed on multiple occasions with 126th report on 08/03/21 has also opined in favour of creation of Indian Medical Services (IMS) for managing the healthcare system of the country at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels.”

Mentioning the demand of separate cadre of healthcare professionals, FORDA further writes, “The Health Survey and Planning Committee) also known as Mudaliar Committee) had recommended the formation of a Central Health Cadre in its report submitted in 1961, for creating a coordinated program of action in which the Centre and States will cooperate for satisfactory and speedy results in healthcare sector. Subsequently, while a memorandum of All India Medical and Health Service was drafted by the Central Council in 1966, the Government of India had decided to constitute the All India Medical and Health Services, way back in 1968. However, even after multiple discussions and consultations with states over the years, this cadre is yet to be brought into action on the field.”

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