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SC refuses to defer NEET exam, Experts suggest tips to maintain stress free mind in the days left

by Vaishali Sharma
Neet 2021

The Supreme Court rejected granting any ruling in favour of the petitioner students on Monday, dismissing a petition seeking a deferral of the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance test (NEET) UG 2021. According to the Supreme Court, the examination will go place on September 12 as planned.

The Court refused to intervene in the exam date because it would cause “pain and strain” to the 1.6 million NEET applicants.

Several students appearing for NEET have been demanding the deferment of the exam for some time now and they even started trending hashtags such as #delayNEETUG and #postponeneetUG2021tilloctober etc.

The students pointed out on Twitter how the exam was clashing with several other examination dates such as CBSE private and improvement and ICAR.

Responding to this, Dr Kaushal Verma, Professor of Dermatology from AIIMS, told Medically Speaking that, “NEET has been administering the test for quite some time, and we’ve been telling and asking of other significant institutions that we’ll be taking exams on this day, and that you must schedule your tests around ours. We need to schedule the dates such that they are convenient for everyone and that we have enough time to study for the exam.”

“When the date was determined, I feel a clear decision should have been made. The candidates are informed that they will have thus much time in three months, and that exams will be held for which they must prepare. This is how AIIMS conducted exams, collaborating with other exam-conducting agencies. We had a set system in place where tests were held on a specific day, regardless of the day or holiday,” he added.

“My advise is to get a good night’s sleep and watch something entertaining because there are just a few days left and not much can be managed in that time. Whatever you’ve learned so far will be extremely beneficial to you, and you must have complete confidence in it. Relax, spend your time calmly, and maintain a stress-free mind,” Dr Verma recommended the aspirants to mitigate their anxiety in the days prior to the exam.

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