Delhi govt approves hospitals for hiring of Medical professionals during Covid crisis

medical hiring

Delhi Government has authorized Covid hospitals to increase their capacity and hence now the hospitals can employ specialists for Covid patients at Rs. 15,000 per shift and consultants at Rs. 6,000 per shift.

This addition of more medical staff will enhance the capacity of hospitals to manage a huge influx of COVID patients as following this order, the government-run Covid hospitals will be able to hire specialists, consultants, medical/dental students, interns, nurses and nursing students to address the greatest bottlenecks of staff shortage while adding intensive care facilities.

As per orders, a specialist doctor holding a PG degree will be offered Rs. 15000 per day per shift and a consultant doctor holding an MBBS degree will be offered Rs. 6000 under the new hiring criteria.

A total of Rs. 4000 will be offered to interns/ medical students or dental/Ayush graduates on a per-day per shift basis.

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