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Covid Jab Provides more Antibodies than Infection: Study

by Vaishali Sharma

The pandemic of Covid-19 is far from done. India has been overwhelmed by the third wave. Citizens are hurrying to obtain that final booster dose since Omicron is creating havoc everywhere.

Experts have long claimed that the human body gets natural immunity as it develops antibodies after being attacked by Covid-19. A vaccination campaign is currently going on all over the world to bring down the rate of infection.

And now some developments have taken place in this direction. In a new study on only those who were infected or have been vaccinated, it was assessed which immunity was more effective.

The research at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital of America involved 399 people. Dr Josh Wolff, Associate Faculty member of the hospital, says that it was difficult to understand which one was better. Yes, it’s hard to say. It is also difficult to estimate which one creates more antibodies — vaccine or infection. However, the study has shown some shocking facts.

This study has included three different categories of antigen exposure examples. In this, 120 had only Covid-19 infection, while 237 had taken the mRNA vaccine. Of the remaining, 42 people, who were vaccinated as well as infected, were included. During the study, the levels of antibodies against four important variants alpha, beta, gamma, and delta were examined in all three categories of people.

The vaccine created more antibodies than a normal infection, it was discovered.

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